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HomeReport Guide
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HomeReport™ Your Detailed, Comprehensive,
Client Friendly Home Inspection Guide

Features and Benefits of HomeReport™

HomeReport™ offers high quality professional system drawings, with supportive easy to understand text and many other unique features that are of benefit to home inspection clients, including

  • Annual Maintenance Schedule & Record forms for homeowners
  • Detailed Checking It Out section that helps homeowners understand home maintenance
  • Information on Hiring A Contractor, offering tips and suggestions
  • a Budgeting section that displays current average costs, life span and quote columns
  • The report is presented in a professionally screened gold on black binder with a padded front panel, inside front sleeve and Under The Rooftop business card for easy contact reference.

    A review underway.
    A review underway.

    Reviewing the Inspection Report and Home with the Buyer

    Dave meets with the home buyers and reviews the entire Home Inspection and his findings, outlining any minor or major issues he has found.

    He explains what maintenance will be required on the home immediately, if any, and points out what ongoing maintenance the home will require to keep it updated and healthy.

    After reviewing the Home Inspection manual Dave completes a walk around the entire home with the home buyers, detailing his findings.

    Don’t worry about taking notes. The HomeReport Inspection Manual details the entire inspection and any necessary follow-up.

    After reviewing the home inspection manual and touring the home with the buyers, Dave's job is completed, however, the relationship does not end. Dave is always available for follow up and will re-visit the home to inspect repairs the seller may have to make.


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