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From the roof, down through the attic and walls, right to panel boxes, sump pumps, crawlspaces and foundations, a thorough building inspection can reveal any number of problems if they exist: mold, crumbling brickwork, dangerous DIY wiring, unfinished work and more.

Examples of these are seen (to the right). Cursor over the numbers for a description of each photo; click on the number to view it.

See video footage below.

  • Amateur wiring and multi-tapping. This is a fire hazard!! and<br>must be corrected for safety reasons and insurance purposes.
  • This pic demonstrates the importance of a physical<br>roof inspection, regardless of the age of the building.
  • Attic inspection detects and<br>confirms roof is leaking.
  • As you can see, attic inspections are very important! This amateur<br>wiring & unattached exhaust pipe could be dangerous!
  • Black growth on roof sheathing in attic. We<br>would advise you to call a mold specialist<br>to review, test.
  • Damaged, deteriorated chimney requires<br>complete tear down and rebuild.
  • Downspouts must always be connected to lower<br>troughs to prevent premature deterioration.
  • How important is it to inspect crawlspaces? Very important<br>- to check water pipes, drains, electrical, wood and beam<br>supports and presence of moisture.
  • We measure and record the R-value of<br>insulation in your HomeReport guide.
  • In this older home, collar ties, which help to support<br>rafters during heavy snow loads, are missing.
  • Another demonstration of the importance of seeing the roof!<br>An inspector never knows what he/she might find.
  • If you have never sealed a roof before, call a professional.<br>This is not the way to seal a roof.
  • Vermiculite insulation must be tested<br>for possible asbestos content.
  • Water damaged drywall from an<br>incorrectly installed shower.
  • More of what appears to be black mold. Again,<br>we definitely want to call in a mold specialist.
  • Electrical panels require close inspection.<br>A screw missing on a breaker could cause arcing.

Still pictures are good but in some cases videos are better to show what's really happening.

Click the onscreen arrow or any item on the playlist (right of player) to see videos.


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