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Problems Revealed by Home Inspection,
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From the roof, down through the attic and walls, right to panel boxes, sump pumps, crawlspaces and foundations, a thorough building inspection can reveal any number of problems if they exist: mold, crumbling brickwork, dangerous DIY wiring, unfinished work and more.

Examples are seen in these images (to the right), loosely grouped as follows:
- #s 1 to 5 depict roof, eavestrough or chimney problems
- #s 6 to 12 show attic structural, insulation, wiring or mold problems
- #s 13 to 18 examine interior living areas and some of the more common problems found
- #s 19 to 24 address some electrical and plumbing concerns, crawl spaces and foundations

Cursor over the numbers for a description of each photo; click on the number to view it.

  • This pic demonstrates the importance of a physical<br>roof inspection, regardless of the age of the building.
  • Another demonstration of the importance of seeing the roof!<br>An inspector never knows what he/she might find.
  • If you have never sealed a roof before, call a professional.<br>This is not the way to seal a roof.
  • Downspouts must always be connected to lower<br>troughs to prevent premature deterioration.
  • Damaged, deteriorated chimney requires<br>complete tear down and rebuild.
  • In this older home, collar ties, which help to support<br>rafters during heavy snow loads, are missing.
  • We measure and record the R-value of<br>insulation.
  • Vermiculite insulation must be tested<br>for possible asbestos content.
  • Attic inspection detects and<br>confirms roof is leaking.
  • As you can see, attic inspections are very important! This amateur<br>wiring & unattached exhaust pipe could be dangerous!
  • Black growth on roof sheathing in attic. We<br>would advise you to call a mold specialist<br>to review, test.
  • More of what appears to be black mold. Again,<br>we definitely want to call in a mold specialist.
  • We always take moisture readings on ceiling & wall water stains.
  • Water damaged drywall from an<br>incorrectly installed shower.
  • When support-wall removal is done correctly, all is good but if not, sags and cracks appear and it could collapse.
  • These cracks indicate a support wall was not removed correctly.
  • Testing temperature for AC unit, looking for 18-22 F difference.
  • A thermal camera is used to test radiant floor heating.
  • Electrical panels require close inspection.<br>A screw missing on a breaker could cause arcing.
  • Amateur wiring and multi-tapping. This is a fire hazard!! and<br>must be corrected for safety reasons and insurance purposes.
  • Kitec plumbing presents an insurance issue and could prove costly to remove.
  • Insurance companies want this old knob & tube wiring removed/replaced.
  • How important is it to inspect crawlspaces? Very important<br>- to check water pipes, drains, electrical, wood and beam<br>supports and presence of moisture.
  • All foundation walls are tested for high moisture readings or leaks.

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