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David Snooks
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Dave's soft skills, comprehensive technical home building background & great sense of humour can't be beat!! He is a true pleasure to work with and my clients appreciate his honesty and expertise. ~ Larry Willert, Royal LePAGE, Sales Representative, AuroraEstate.ca

Dave's about to do a roof inspection
Dave's about to do a roof inspection.

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As a Registered Home Inspector (RHI), Dave's field experience goes back more than 25 years and includes custom home building, design and renovations.

  • He worked for his father throughout highschool, learning much about plumbing, wiring and heating.
  • After graduating, he spent 5 years with GM before going back into the construction trade as a self-employed contractor.
  • In 2001, Dave changed his focus to inspection and became a fully licensed inspector.
  • Since 1983, Dave has been a Volunteer Firefighter.

    He has graduated from and/or is a member of:

  • George Brown College
  • Canadian Association of Home Property Inspectors: CAHPI
  • National Home Inspector Certification Council: NHICC
  • Professional Home Property Inspectors of Canada: PHPIC
  • Ontario Fire College CO/FPO 101-11-695 Legislation




    If you have the appropriate background, ie., experience in the building industry, as well as the necessary government and industry qualifications, please get in touch. You can call me directly at 416 896 1666 or email me a copy of your resume. I can keep you busy!


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